Louis Parsons

For many years, Louis Parsons has been on an inspired quest to understand the power of the human spirit and how we express the soul in daily life. This life journey has taken him around the globe, including some of the worlds greatest surf spots, and meeting with some of the worlds Surfing Legends.

Louis’ unique artwork is collected worldwide. His Contemplation, Inspiration and Expression Collections are seen as masterstrokes of insight into the workings of the soul. Each art piece has been carefully crafted to help the viewer experience greater serenity, invigoration, and freedom.

One of his works of art helped raise £120,000 for charity.

He has created SurfScapes for some of the worlds finest surfers including Mark Occhilupo, Damien Hardman, Layne Beachley, Nat Young, Mark Richards and Josh Constable.

Louis, also a keen surfer and an accredited corporate coach, brings together a unique blend of skills through his deep understanding of personality, intuitive listening, and his talented artistry. This culminates in a powerful, personal and beautiful work of art that will inspire you to realize the fullness of your potential, as a surfer, and as a human being.