A SurfScape captures ride of your life, in Oil on Canvas, for a lifetime.

Freedom, power, energy, aliveness. Those sensations that you feel on take off, making the first turn, the glide, getting barreled. Its hard to put into words…

That place of alert stillness we find as all your busy thoughts and dissolve into the light and power of the wave. As you surf its transparent face, and feel more alive than you have in years. You have that that smile inside that just keeps on going.

Imagine sharing that feeling, that power, that emotion with a skilled artist. One that is passionate about surfing, soul, travel and life. A skilled listener, coach… and one of the worlds finest Oil Painters, dedicated to using his skills to serve you and your inspiration. Imagine having the the ride of your life captured in Oil On Canvas for a lifetime.

A SurfScape is more than just surf art. You get to put the very best of who you really are into a painting.

The result? A handcrafted masterpiece that captures the soul of your surfing experience… A work of art for you to contemplate, and inspire you to be the best you can be.