Damien Hardman

Damien Hardman

Damien and Belinda where both drawn to the same work of art straight away.

It was tempting to do their relationship Soulscape as they really seem to have qualities that balance each other; they meet in the middle.

Instead we focussed on the soul of Damien’s surfing experience. As I asked him about his perfect painting, you could sense how stoic he was. He reminded me of a quiet warrior, who’d won many battles, but would keep himself to himself. Quiet, definite and purposeful in the things he pursues. Nothing seemed too difficult and he takes even some of the most challenging life experiences (and waves!) in his stride.

The best way to describe Damien is ’still waters running deep’.

He described his perfect piece of art like this:

“I’d feel serenity, tranquillity and peace. I’d feel at ease and calm as I looked at it. I see greens and blues, but it would challenge the imagination. It would be abstract so you could see different things in it and interpret them differently each time you looked at it.

When I surf I feel completely calm and serene in myself; at one with the ocean and at one with the wave I’m surfing. Even when the waves are powerful, I just feel still inside.”

“What colour is stillness to you?”, I ask.

“Blue. Aqua. Sky blue.”

“Would the piece say anything else to you?”

“Confidence, I’m a very confident guy. Not angry confident, but quietly confident. When I’m on a wave, all that confidence comes out. I’m always confident that the waves will come to me, even if they didn’t today (laughs warmly)!

On receiving the piece.

“Sick! It’s perfect! You really got it. It reminds me of those shots that are part under the water. Beautiful job”.

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