Nat Young

Nat Young

If you met Nat in a bar, and you didn’t know who he was, you’d be immediately struck by his presence. He looks you in the eye and you know that he has something about him. There’s some kind of spark; it’s like looking into the eyes of decades of life experience and wisdom.

He gets straight in there. No need to talk surface stuff, he lets you know what he believes.

“Life is about finding the ingredients that you are comfortable with. I’m fortunate to have a good family. I love working on my farm in Snow Valley. I love to ski and snowboard and every day I exercise and meditate.”

So what would you want to experience in your perfect painting?

“I’d want to feel centred. I’d want it to inspire me to be in that meditative state. You can’t describe it to someone who hasn’t experienced it, that’s just a waste of time.”

And tell me about when you surf.

“Surfing is anything you want it to be. Though I can appreciate it as a competition, it really an art form. To see it as a competition is just fucking shallow. You can’t give your life to competition. I’m a believer in surfing consciousness. There’s consciousness in any environment. It teaches you to tread lightly on the planet and when you do, you know you are touching something. It’s the same when you surf; it reminds you that it’s calling to you personally” (as he’s speaks he is gently pointing to his heart).

I’m a big believer in nature too, it’s the story of the triumph of man to overcome adversity and to find resisting once. It’s amazing we have survived at all.

“I guess at heart, I’m just proud to be a cosmic hippy surfer!”

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